Wellesley's Wonderful Weekend
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May 17th and 18th, 2014







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Honorees for 2013

Parade Grand Marshals

Korean War Veterans
In recognition of those "Not Forgotten".

Distinguished Service Award Janice G. Coduri
In recognition of 18 years service as Director of the Wellesley Free Library.
Chief of Staff Edward B. Williams
In recognition of Wellesley's oldest Veteran, 102 years of age.
Dedicated Service Award Peter Bracken
In recognition of 40 years service at the Municipal Light Plant and Department of Public Works.
Dedicated Service Award Dr. Robert Callahan
In recognition of 25 years service as a teacher at Wellesley High School.
Dedicated Service Award Lynne Johnson
In recognition of 33 years service as an Art teacher at Wellesley Middle School.
Dedicated Service Award Richard A. (Rick) Weaver
In recognition of 37 years service at the Wellesley Police Department.
Community Service Award Suzanne G. Suzy Littlefield
In recognition of 12 years service on the Wellesley School Committee, and as a former Advisory Committee member, Wellesley High School Building Committee member, and longtime TMM.
Community Service Award Mary Ann Cluggish
In recognition of 12 years service on the Wellesley Free Library Board of Trustees, and service on the Wellesley Natural Resources Commission, Wellesley Recreation Commission, Open Space Management Study Committee, Advisory Committee, Permanent Building Committee, and longtime TMM.
Community Service Award Mark Antonelli
In recognition of 6 years service on the Wellesley Recreaton Committee, and service as a former Advisory Committee member, Town By Law Committee member, and longtime TMM.
Special Appreciation Award Marcia G.Weaver
In recognition of the committee and by the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Company (MBCR) for her efforts to bring the “Gold Star Memorial Coach” train to life.
Special Appreciation Award Wellesley Hills Branch Library
In recognition of the 100 year Anniversary of its founding.
Special Appreciation Award Wellesley Boy Scouts Troop #182
In recognition of their 100 year Birthday.
Special Appreciation Award St. Mary's Church
In recognition of their 200 year Anniversary.
Special Appreciation Award Richards of Wellesley
In recognition of Mr. Richard Foote, 50 Years in Wellesley business.
Special Appreciation Award The Family of Francis Cummings
In recognition of a former Wellesley resident who was a crew member of the USS Thresher, a nuclear powered submarine, which sank 50 years ago in 1963.
Special Recognition Award League of Women Voters
In recognition of service to the residents of Wellesley
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