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May 18th and 19th, 2019







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Honorees for 2018

Parade Grand Marshal

WORLD WAR ONE DESCENDANTS--living descendants from the list of veterans on Wellesley’s WWI memorial.

Distinguished Service Award KATHY NAGLE—In recognition of her service as Town Clerk For 15 years, School Committee for 6 years and longtime Town meeting Member.

Community Service Award

L. DEBORAH CARPENTER— In recognition of her 5 years of service on the Planning Board, and 3 years as Chairman, 2 terms on the Board of Assessors, the North 40 Steering Committee, the Unified Plan Project and the Housing Production Working Group.
Dedicated Service Award STEPHEN J. WROBLESKI—In recognition of his retirement from the Drama department at Wellesley High School after 16 years. During that time he had directed 49 productions, and devised 10 plays, with 3 state champions.
Community Service Award

HEIDI GROSS—In recognition of her 18 years of service on the Natural Resources Commission and as Chair and 10 years as a Town Meeting Member.

Community Service Award

STEPHEN G. MURPHY—In recognition of his 6 years on the Natural Resources Commission, the Playing Fields Task Force. Previously on the Advisory Committee, the Wellesley Housing Authority, the Community Preservation Committee and as a longtime Town Meeting Member.

Community Service Award

EUGENE C. “TRIPP” SHEEHAN—In recognition of his Terms of service on the Recreation Commission, as Chairman of the Playing Fields Taskforce.

Chief of Staff JOHN M. SULLIVAN, USN Ret.—In recognition of his service with the U.S. Navy “Seabees” during WWII on the Marshall and Mariana Islands and his activity in military events and town veterans’ activities.
Special Recognition Award G ARNOLD HAYNES —In recognition of a lifetime of service including the US Army and Wellesley Town Meeting member, his contribution as a residential builder and developer in Wellesley and surrounding towns, and his support of the Wellesley Celebrations Committee.
Special Recognition Award WALTER WOODS—Now in his 100th year, in recognition of his being the Founding Chairman of the Annual Wellesley Veterans’ Parade 50 years ago, which he held for 7 years; 5 terms on the Board of Public Works and over 50 years as a Town Meeting Member.
Special Recognition Award

WELLESLEY CONSERVATION COUNCIL—In recognition of its 60th birthday as the first conservation organization in Wellesley, protecting and preserving natural areas in Wellesley, educating the public about the need for conservation and encouraging appreciation of natural history and acquiring and holding land for the benefit of the public.

Special Recognition Award WELLESLEY GARDNERS’ GUILD –In recognition of its 50th birthday, doing many projects including funding, planting and maintaining window boxes at Wellesley’s Post Offices and planting all containers at the entrances to the Library.
Special Recognition Award

WELLESLEY NURSERY SCHOOL IN THE HILLS-In recognition of its 50th birthday of teaching 3 to 6 year old children to socialize and learn together.

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